SAMS ⋅ Sales Activity Management System

    SAMS is a sales management business application designed to organize and manage a company’s sales operations.

    What is SAMS?

    SAMS is a sales management business application designed to organize and manage a company’s sales operations.
    It consists of a mobile app (for the sales team in the field) and a web based back end for the managers in the office.

    It automates all the stages of the sales process, giving live sales activity updates, simplifying sales data collection, data mining, data analysis and generating accurate sales reports.


    Manager's Features

    Set sales targets for a particular sales unit and sales reps’ targets

    Import and export clients into or from a database

    Plot all existing clients on a map

    View sales history of any client

    View appointments by sales reps and their status (completed, missed, postponed)

    View sales rep route plans for a particular day

    View the calendar for every sales rep

    View the particular location of any sales rep on a map at any one particular time

    View all sales pipelines for each sales rep

    Receive and send out notifications to other application users

    Monitor the sales expenses and all mileage claims

    Assign any tasks to any sales rep

    Monitor the sales performance of each sales unit, particular product and sales rep.

    Pull any pipeline report as may be required

    Receive and act on clients’ feedback and any market intelligence

    Set the sales structure of the organization

    Sales Reps’ Features

    Carry out pipeline management on the app

    Ability to receive and send out notifications to other application users

    Log in all sales activities

    View one's sales performance against set targets

    Ability to collect and update clients’ feedback and any market intelligence

    Check in and check out at clients location

    Add and geo-code your clients and prospects

    Get sales history for each client

    View the closest clients based on your location

    Get directions to your destination


    Efficiently managing sales teams and processes in a data driven world
    • Sales manager has a simple way to follow and monitor the activities of her sales team thus can intervene where necessary in good time.
    • A sales manager has visibility of the sales team and the different activities performed.
    • Sales Manager can easily monitor performance of her sales team.
    • Sales manager can easily generate real time reports.
    • Sales Manager can easily do target setting and performance monitoring.
    • The Sales Manager can easily identify skills gaps in the team and remedy in good time.
    • Easier decision making since the data analysis is swift and based on up to date market research and intelligence.
    • Due to increased productivity per team member, it’s possible to have a leaner team without affecting the overall achievement of set targets and firms’ goals
    • Sales team has a documented record of their individual sales performance when looking for other opportunities.
    • Sales managers can easily do sales forecasting for any period of time based on the teams pipeline.
    • The daily task of filling daily sales reports is taken care of hence sales reps can concentrate on core sale activities.
    • Assists the team to discover more up selling and cross selling opportunities.


    SAMS in action
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    Experience how effortless Sales Management can be

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